Our Kinder

Here at Selby Kindergarten we run a play based program that stems from the children’s interests, strengths and needs.

There is a strong focus on children’s social and emotional development to ensure that each child has the skills to become active and confident learners as they move onto school.

We are implementing a strong environment and sustainability component to the program. Being in such a wonderful natural environment such as Selby, instilling in the children the importance of looking after this environment and how we can care for our world in general, is something we are very passionate about.

We have a strong interest in the importance of families in the children’s kinder experience and we work to nurture the link between home and kinder with all families who we meet.We are excited to share with you the learning of your child and we look forward to the shared experiences of the play and fun that we have in each session,

In 2012, Selby Primary School became our Approved Provider and over the years since, we have continued to develop a strong link with the school. We have access to the resources at the school and the 4 Year Old group enjoy sessions in the library and kitchen to allow them time to adjust to the school environment prior to the end of their kindergarten year.

We have continued to work on our outdoor space over the years and in 2017 invested in a natural playscape design that was created for our unique environment. We have almost completed this space and we share with excitement, the changes that we made.