Information For Parents

Selby Kinder is managed by a volunteer sub committee made up of the Chair Person, Finance Officer, Executive Officer, Fundraising Officer, Public Relations Officer, Maintainence, Parent Liaison Officers and General Members. The sub committee is elected each year at the Annual General Meeting. Selby Primary School Council is the governing body of Selby Kinder and our committee work closely with the school throughout the year. Participating in the committee activities is a great way to meet other parents, make new friends and contribute to your child’s education.

Selby Kindergarten Sub Committee

Our meetings are held twice a term, throughout the year, and are advertised in our newsletter and at our  kinder.

All families and interested community members are more than welcome to attend meetings throughout the year!

Here are the hard working sub committee members of 2018:​

POSITION                                                                     NAME
Chair Person                                                                 Sara Powell
Treasurer                                                                      Sarah Abraham
Public Relations                                                            Caroline Hudson
Fundraising                                                                   Gemma Parker and Keely Smith
General Members                                                         Natalie Varenhout
                                                                                      Jamie Trsek