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Information For Parents

Welcome to Selby Kindergarten

We would like to extend our warmest welcome to new and returning families to the Selby Kindergarten community for 2021. We trust that the year ahead will be filled with wonderful and exciting opportunities for your child and family to participate in. Over the years we have worked tirelessly to build our sense of community and we pride ourselves on making everyone feel safe, secure and supported within the kindergarten community.

This information book has been compiled to support your transition into Selby Kinder. If there is any further information you require at any time, we are always on hand to help you.
















9.15 – 2.15

Preparation Session






3 YEAR OLD KINDER     Katie Jacobson             (Educator)

                                         Dee Mahon                   (Co-Educator)

4 YEAR OLD KINDER     Marita Marshall            (Director)

                                         Dee Mahon                  (Co-Educator)

                                         Katie Jacobson             (Co-Educator)


  Address:             15 Lyons Drive,

  Phone:                9754 2744





Selby Kinder Staff and Families work in partnership to provide Early Childhood programs which engage children in quality learning experiences, in a community and centre based environment.


Participation in our programs give parents and families the opportunity to be a part of a community focused on children’s well-being.  The programs provide a platform for parents to get to know other families and to share perspectives and information with Early Childhood professionals.


As an inclusive centre we strive to:

  • Encourage the involvement of our families in developing plans to meet the needs of their children
  • Recognise the valuable resources parents possess and invite them to share their skills and knowledge with our kindergarten
  • Encourage the involvement of parents and extended family in our daily sessions, either through parent participation rosters, planned events or incidental visits
  • Welcome children with additional needs and their families. We help to identify children who may require extra support for their development and offer links to targeted support services to ensure that children receive this assistance as early as possible.

The collaborative partnerships between the Committee, Staff and the wider parent community ensures the daily management and operation of the kindergarten is in accordance with all regulatory requirements.

The National Quality Framework

The National Quality Framework (NQF) took effect in January 2012. The purpose of this Government initiative is to set standards in Early Childhood services, drive continuous improvement and achieve consistency in Education and Care Services throughout Australia. An integral part of the NQF has been the introduction of new National Laws and National Regulations, as well as a National Quality Standard.

The standard consists of seven Quality Areas;

  • Educational program and practice
  • Children’s health and safety
  • Physical environment
  • Staffing arrangements
  • Relationships with children
  • Collaborative partnerships with families and communities
  • Leadership and service management

The NQF also includes a national quality rating and assessment process through which Early Childhood Services are assessed against the National Quality Standard by Regulatory Authorities. Selby Kindergarten was assessed in June 2019 and is rated an Exceeding Service.

Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework:

Since 2010 all Early Childhood centres have been implementing The Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework. This curriculum has been designed to assist families and Early Childhood professionals to guide children’s learning and development in the first eight years of life. These years are a critical time for learning and development, when children acquire essential foundation skills and knowledge and when brain development is at its peak. The framework recognises that children’s first and most important learning happens with their family. It supports a partnership between families and all professionals who support their learning and development throughout this period.

The Victorian Framework uses five outcomes to describe the key elements of children’s learning and development. These are:

  1. Children have a strong sense of identity (Identity).
  2. Children are connected with and contribute to their world (Community).
  3. Children have a strong sense of wellbeing (Wellbeing).
  4. Children are confident and involved learners (Learning).
  5. Children are effective communicators (Communication).

At Selby Kindergarten, we support the practice principles of the framework and encourage all families to share what they know about their child with the staff, including your child’s strengths, challenges and goals. Our program, which is displayed for parents to read, will be based on the 5 key outcomes of the framework. Some examples of goals you will see implemented in the program may include:


  • Participating in routines to help feel safe and secure within the kindergarten environment
  • Building warm and trusting relationships with staff and peers


  • Working cooperatively with others
  • Being a valued member of a group and sharing experiences with others


  • Managing self-care routines such as eating, dressing and toileting
  • Using their body with strength and control
  • Expressing and managing emotions


  • Being a curious, active and enthusiastic learner ~ maths, science, literacy
  • Expressing creativity using a variety of mediums
  • Being a resilient and persistent problem solver


  • Expressing emotions, ideas and thoughts using effective communication and speech
  • Enjoying a wide range of books, including stories, non-fiction

The Learning Environment

At Selby Kindergarten learning is supported by experienced Early Childhood Professionals who implement the 8 Practice Principles of the VEYLDF.

Family Centred Practice:

  • Children learn in the context of their families and families are the primary influence on children’s learning and development.
  • Professionals engage in family-centred practice by respecting the pivotal role of families in children’s lives.

Partnerships with Professionals:

  • Early Childhood professionals are from diverse professional backgrounds. They use multidisciplinary approaches to provide better support to families and draw on the skills and expertise of their peers.

High Expectations for Every Child:

  • Every child has the ability to learn and develop. Having high expectations is especially important in achieving better outcomes for the most vulnerable children.

Equity & Diversity:

  • Children’s personal, family and cultural histories shape their learning and development.

Respectful Relationships & Responsive Engagement:

  • From birth, secure attachments formed through warm and respectful relationships with familiar adults are fundamental to children’s learning and development.

Integrated Teaching & Learning Approaches:

  • Learning is an active process that must involve children’s engagement. Play is essential for its ability to stimulate and integrate a wide range of children’s intellectual, physical, social and creative abilities.

Assessment for Learning & Development:

  • Assessment is designed to discover what children know and understand, based on what they make, write, draw, say and do.

Reflective Practice:

  • Children’s learning and development is advanced when they experience interactions with highly effective early childhood professionals. Early childhood professionals become more effective through critical reflection and a strong culture of professional enquiry.

At Selby Kindergarten, we believe that children thrive best when the learning environment:

  • Has an effective “rhythm to its day” and offers familiar routines and expectations
  • Encourages children to participate in both planned and self-initiated learning experiences
  • Provides rich literacy and numeracy experiences daily
  • Provides opportunities to enjoy special days and events at kindergarten with peers and family
  • Introduces children to a wide range of individuals or groups working within our community
  • Promotes and values teachers, children and their families as lifelong learners and researchers

Children in our kindergarten benefit from developing and extending their communication skills, beginning to understand social studies and science, using technology, developing skills that assist with reading, writing and mathematics, building confidence, learning to be creative and, most importantly, learning to be an engaged and effective learner and knowing that kinder is a safe and fun place to be.

 Our kindergarten programs also support the ongoing development of social skills, including:

  • Showing respect and caring for others
  • Learning to see beyond differences to similarities
  • Developing and demonstrating self-control
  • Identifying and expressing emotions appropriately
  • Being increasingly independent and giving and seeking help from others
  • Balancing his/her own needs, rights and responsibilities with those of others
  • Resolving conflicts in peaceful and constructive ways
  • Working with others and learning to appreciate that collaboration is a great way to get things done
  • Learning to apply these skills effectively

You are the most important asset we have when getting to know your child and what you want from the kinder program.  We need your input and we value your interest.

Your involvement is welcome when you read the program and see that there is always a place for you to comment and your input then helps us to plan for your child.  There is always a place on the “stay and play” roster for some hands-on action and then the planning partnership forms that you will receive each term.  We offer many opportunities to discuss your child’s learning at Kinder including formal interviews mid-year , “Greet and Eat” sessions but are always able to catch up with you at any time and in any way. A phone call, an email, a quick chat before or after a session in fact any way we can be of assistance please know we are here!


Selby Kindergarten has a range of policies informing daily practice and operation of the service. A comprehensive collection of our Policies & Procedures is available in a folder in the kinder foyer which you are welcome to access at any time.    Upon enrolment you will be forwarded certain policies to read and accept to ensure our procedures are understood.

Helpful information as we start our year together ~


Arriving on time to each session is very important.  It enables all children to settle into the routine as quickly as possible.  We ask that you wait in the foyer until we open the door, allowing us to complete our set up for the session.

Whilst in the foyer you can encourage your child to take their lunch box and drink bottle out of their bag and place them on the trolley provided.  They can then place their bag/hat etc in their kinder tub or on their hook and you are able check the notice boards and ‘pockets’ for any information.

There is sunscreen available in the foyer for children that have not had it applied at home.

When the door is opened, please sign your child in. This is VERY important.  Write the actual time of signing in, who is picking up your child and tick the sunscreen box as needed.

You are then able to settle your child into an activity and, if all is well, have a kiss and cuddle and say goodbye!


Again, we ask that you wait in the foyer until we open the door for you and while you are waiting it is a good time to pack the lunch box and drink bottle into your child’s bag ready for their collection.  Also, please check the tubs for any masterpieces that are ready to go home!!

Our sessions will always finish with a story and all the children will be seated on the mat.  As you come into the kinder room please go straight to the sign in book and sign your child out.  The children will not be permitted to leave the mat area until you have signed out and then come over to collect them.  It is very, very busy at the end of each session and the children are always excited to see you but we must enforce this routine for the safety of all the children.  Please do not call your child over to you while you are waiting to sign out just give them a little wave, so they know you have seen them, sign out and then collect them.  This is a tricky routine to get the hang of, but it is most important that we do it this way.  You might like to talk about this routine at home, so the children can understand it a bit better.


Please be aware of your movement through the front door and the front gates.  The front door is a self-closing door however this is a slow process in which time children can get through quite quickly.  Please do not hold the door open for long periods of time, particularly at the end of the sessions as this may allow toddlers and kinder kids the chance to leave the kinder without any supervision.  The same applies with the two gates…. they both open out onto the car park so please be careful as you enter and exit these areas.


The only person that can collect your child from kinder is the person named in the sign in book.  This person’s details MUST be on the blue enrolment form filled in at the beginning of the year.  If you would like to add another person onto this form at any time throughout the year, please just ask us for the form and you can make the appropriate changes.  If a person picking up your child is someone we have not met before and you have called us during the session to tell us a particular person is coming to collect your child then their photo ID will be required to be shown before your child is sent home with this person.

For the safety of the children this is strictly adhered to.


The best clothes for your children to wear at kinder are those that will allow them to fully participate in all activities at kinder. Safe and practical shoes are encouraged.  Thongs, gumboots and slip on sandals (ballet flats) are very unsafe on the climbing frames and we suggest that you avoid sending your child in these.  Whilst smocks are available at all messy activities paint and paste have the amazing ability to appear anywhere so older clothes are best.

Coats and Warm Hats

We will always try to give the children safe access to the outdoor area during all weather.  The children will need appropriate rain coats and hats to keep them dry when playing outside on rainy days. We have many undercover areas outside  (swings, sandpit, verandah, cubby house) that the children can easily access when wearing a rain coat.

A spare pair of weather appropriate clothes is a good idea to have in your child’s kinder bag at every session just in case they get wet or dirty. Always pop in a spare pair of undies/jocks and socks too!  It is always easier to change the children into familiar clothes.


TOILETINGAs with all areas of kinder we are here to support your child to become independent with their toileting.  Please advise us of your child’s toileting development as we need to offer a consistent approach to achieve this independence.


We would love your help at kinder.  It’s a great time to catch up with what your child is achieving and to have a chat about how they are going.  The children love having mum/dad/grandma, grandpa, come to kinder and “stay and play” with them and we love having you here too!  There will be a roster available to fill in on a day that suits you.  Toddlers are more than welcome to attend but they must always be in your care.  Please sign into the visitor’s book when you attend your “stay and play” session.

We understand that it is difficult to commit to staying for the whole session time and we are more than happy for you to choose the time that suits you within the session time.  You might like to stay for a period in the morning or you may prefer to come back to join us for the last part of the session.  It is purely up to you!  There is a list of ‘duties’ that you can do whilst you are helping and that is on the notice board in the kitchen or you may have an interest that you might like to share with the children (cooking, sewing, painting, exercise, science…. anything!)  We would love you to join us at kinder in whatever capacity suits you and for however long it suits you!


Please provide your child with a suitable snack and lunch in a NAMED container that they can open (or will be able to with a little practice!) Also providing their own NAMED drink bottle full of water is great for taking outside on hot days to quench their thirst. We encourage the use of healthy foods for snacks and lunch. Suitable foods would be sandwiches, cracker biscuits, rice cakes, fruit –cut up and put in small tubs, yoghurt, cheese, sultanas etc…  We discourage children eating nuts at kinder. 

We will be offering the children a “progressive snack” through the morning where the children can stop for a snack when they are ready.  This allows the children the freedom to pursue uninterrupted play throughout the morning.  We will have lunch together as a group in 4 Year Old Kinder but will be flexible enough to be able to change the way we do this to suit the needs of the children in the group.

We will be aware of any food allergies and these will be noted on the notice board in the kitchen.


If your child is involved in any accident at kinder then an accident form is completed with all the details of what occurred and how the child was treated.  This form will be shown to you at the end of the session and you will be asked to sign it.  Of course, we will contact you or your emergency contacts if needed, but we will deal with any minor incidents and inform you upon collection.

If your child needs prescribed medication whilst at kinder then again, this information must be filled in our medication book and signed for.

Please do not leave medication in your child’s kinder bag.  Please give the medication to staff who will store it in an appropriate manner.


During the year it is quite probable that your child may contract any of the usual children’s illnesses.  If your child has been vomiting or had diarrhea in the past 24 hours, please do not bring them to kinder. If your child has a cough or fever, please keep them at home to help reduce the risk of spreading infection to others. A list of childhood communicable diseases and the Department of Education’s recommendations of length of time the child is to be excluded from kinder is available on the kinder noticeboard. Please read this and use it as your reference. Please remember to ring to let us know if your child will be away for more than a few days, due to illness or if going on holidays.

In the event of a child becoming unwell at kinder the parents (then emergency contacts if unable to get parents) will be notified to collect the child as soon as possible.


We love to celebrate birthdays at kinder.  A simple cake or small cakes can be bought in to be shared or even having nonfood treats to share with each other is valued eg stickers, bubbles etc.   We like to do this at the end of the session as this means the celebration is not overwhelming and all children can be included. If you are planning a party, please use the kinder pockets hanging in the foyer to distribute invitations.


You will find your name on the ‘pockets’ hanging in the foyer and these will be used to distribute any information to you.  There will be newsletters, fundraising information, book club, committee info etc.  Please empty these ‘pockets’ each session so you don’t miss out on any information. We will distribute hard copies of all notes at the start of the year and will confirm the option of emailing notes early in Term One.


Selby Kindergarten has a Sun Protection Policy.  Every child must have an approved hat to wear each session - legionnaires or wide brimmed hats – NO CAPS.   Selby Kinder provides a hat for each child at the start of the year and it would be ideal if this hat could be left in your child’s kinder bag all the time. Please label the hat with your child’s name.

Sunscreen must also be applied each session.  It is best if this is done at home however if it is overlooked then there is sunscreen available in the foyer for you to apply before the session starts.  You must also tick the box in the sign in book to say that your child has had sunscreen applied.  If your child does not have a hat and/or isn’t sun screened, then staff will make sure that their play is restricted to the shady areas under the verandah for their safety.


Boxes, material off cuts, items for the home corner, old Christmas/birthday cards, magazines, cardboard and paper off cuts from printers, milk carton lids the list is endless.  Please bring in any collections and we will see if we can use it!


All money for fees, fundraising, photos, excursions etc must be placed in the red locked box situated in the main kinder room.  Staff are not responsible for this money.  There are envelopes available to put the money into.  Please write your name, group and what the money is for on the outside of the envelope and pop it into the locked box for the appropriate committee member to receive.  There are forms available to pay by direct deposit, credit card Bpay etc…please see Staff for these forms.


It is a requirement of our Emergency Management Policy that we have emergency evacuation drills that are practiced with the children.  This will happen each term and will be done in a way that will not frighten the children but show them what needs to happen in the case of a fire/emergency evacuation.  We will let you know when we do this drill so you can be prepared for any questions that may arise from the children.




Please make yourselves aware of these days as staff will not in attendance.  The CFA have signs outside the Fire Station indicating days of Total Fire Ban. 

We will endeavour to inform you of any closure via email, text or on the Facebook page.


Kinder starting dates and times are available in your enrolment packs. Please refer to these for individual starting times for Kinder in 2021.




Term One

27th January

(Students start 29th January in Government Schools)

1st April

Term Two

19th April

25th June

Term Three

12th July

17th September

Term Four

4th October

17th December

We are looking forward to being a part of you and your child’s Kindergarten years and hope that we can share happy and positive times together at Selby Kindergarten.

Marita, Dee and Katie