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Selby Kindergarten Philosophy

Selby Kindergarten aims to provide valuable educational experiences of the highest quality in a warm, secure environment in partnership with families and local community.

Our philosophy is underpinned by the outcomes and practice principles of the Victorian Early Years Learning Development Framework (VEYLDF).



We believe:

  • that every child is an individual and capable of contributing to their own learning
  • that all children are naturally inquisitive, curious and imaginative
  • that all children are individuals who have their own unique learning style

We aim to:

  • provide an environment that allows all children the time to explore, investigate, challenge, inquire, discuss and collaborate
  • encourage and nurture creativity and imagination
  • allow all children to learn through rich invitations to play
  • provide a nurturing, secure and engaging learning environment for all children to become confident, self-motivated and independent learners, while developing broadly ranging attitudes, skills and knowledge
  • be inclusive and celebrate differences as we foster autonomy and independence for all the children
  • develop children’s sense of belonging and promote the inclusion of cultural practices including local Aboriginal practice and language
  • foster a passion for learning by supporting all children to discover and explore their own interests
  • support the children’s health and wellbeing through all our educational programs


  • We acknowledge and embrace the importance of family as central to the child’s world
  • We respect that all families are unique in structure, beliefs and values
  • We are committed to knowing and valuing our kinder families and we will endeavour to construct meaningful, open, communicative and collaborative partnerships with them
  • We encourage our kinder families to be active participants in our Kindergarten and its programs and acknowledge the skills, insight and knowledge they bring to enrich our programs and the children’s minds
  • We have high regard for the community around us and endeavour to assist the children to connect with the community through our programs



  • We aim to establish the foundations for children’s positive lifelong learning
  • We assist children to achieve their full potential by extending and facilitating their needs and interests
  • We are committed to providing high expectations for all children’s learning and developmental capabilities, recognising that all children learn and develop in their own unique way
  • We are dedicated to continual improvement through reflection of our own practices and procedures
  • We are committed to modeling appropriate behaviours as well as the continuation of our professional development through research and ongoing training
  • We will interact in a positive manner, encouraging children in their efforts rather than only in their achievements, focusing on the process. We will have fun!
  • We aim to build children’s self-esteem and self-identity, and encourage and extend their knowledge and appreciation of the world around them
  • We value and are committed to building authentic and genuine relationships with our families at Selby Kindergarten
  • We believe in the value of open ended, natural materials to build each child’s sense of wonder, creativity, problem solving and connection to the world

Our Philosophy is seen as a living document, continually evolving in light of new research, the ideas of new team members and input from families.