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Thank you for your patience as we finalised our 2022 Kinder Programs. 

The dates and times of our 3 and 4 Year Old Kinder programs are below.  

For those of you starting 3 Year Old Kinder in 2022 there is additional Information regarding the Department Of Education And Training's Funded 3 Year Old Kindergarten rollout .



  •  3 X 5 Hour sessions = 15 hours of funded Kindergarten

FEES PER TERM:     $500.00



  • 2 x 5 hour sessions = 10 hours of Kindergarten (5 hours are funded)

FEES PER TERM:    $380.00



Thank you for considering Selby Kinder to commence your child’s educational journey. The 3-year-old Kinder year is a foundational time for your child’s development, and it is a joy to join with you over this period.

Important changes are happening to our 3YO Kinder Program in 2022. These are a result of The Department of Education and Training’s rollout of Universally Funded 3YO Kindergarten programs, parent feedback, and our commitment to always offer what we believe is best for the child. The changes are outlined below, and we encourage you to read this information carefully, then contact us if you have any questions.


Is your child Kinder ready?

Typically, children commence 3YO Kinder in late January of the year that they are three years old (3yrs), turning four years old (4yrs), going on to complete a full year of Kinder with their peers. Historically, a small number of children have also commenced 3YO Kinder in the year they turn 3 (between 1st January - 30 April). These children commence at different times during the year, on the first session after their 3rd birthday, and usually complete another full year of 3yo Kinder the following year. This second-year allows them the much-needed time and space to match the development and maturity of their peers, and has consistently proven beneficial to every child whose family has made this choice. 

However, under the new 3YO Kinder Funding Program this second year of 3YO Kinder is no longer allowed. Instead, all 3yo Kinder children must proceed to 4YO Kinder the following year; meaning these younger children are unable to access the additional time to develop the equivalent physiological, mental, and emotional skills as their peers. This creates not only a difference now, but also right throughout their primary and secondary educational journey, and developmental journey into adulthood.  

We therefore encourage families planning to send their child to 3YO Kinder, in the same year that they turn 3, to make careful consideration of these new arrangements, and if needed, discuss your situation with our experienced staff before finalising your child’s enrolment.  

3YO Kinder Program 2022

Based on our knowledge of programs run at Selby Kinder in the past and the changes we made to our 2021 program (1 x 5hour session) we have seen the success of a longer Kinder day that offers extended play experiences giving children more time to explore and discover new learning opportunities and connect more deeply with friends. So, in 2022 the Selby Kinder 3YO Program will be a 10hr program run as:                                                                                              

Tuesday 8.30am – 1.30pm (5hrs)           and       Wednesday 8.30am – 1.30pm (5hrs).

Please note, this is strictly a 2-day program for the reasons given above.  We’ve also moved our session times earlier to align with the natural rhythms and times of childhood energy, attention, and play, ensuring the children are gaining the most from their Kinder experience, and have time in the afternoon for rest and family connection at home. 

Kinder Fees and Charges

In 2022, the Victorian 3YO Funded Kinder Program provides funding towards the provision of 5hrs of 3YO Kindergarten, to be run by a degree-qualified Early Childhood Teacher.  It is important to note, this new funding does not allow for a fully funded program.   Based on our advised funding, in 2022 our fees will be $380 per Term, for the 3YO Kinder Program.

 In addition, it is noted that each child is eligible to receive 3YO Kinder Funding at only one educational setting. Therefore, if your child is enrolled in a Funded 3YO Kinder Program elsewhere (e.g. childcare), we will not receive funding for your child, and are unable to accept your enrolment.

Final notes

Thank you to the many families (past and present) who we’ve consulted with, about how we continue to grow and evolve our 3YO Kinder Program. The new 3YO Kinder Funding Program provides exciting times and security for children’s early childhood education and development, creating more time and support for focused learning, experiences, and social connections for every child.


For our 3YO Kinder families in 2022, we know some of these changes may be welcomed with enthusiasm. While for other families, this may be different to what you’ve known, or may have expected. We apologise for any inconvenience these changes may cause you but know that they have been necessitated by the information now available to us about the new 3YO Kinder Funding Program in 2022. They are also designed to align with our commitment to always put the best interests of your children first; the exact reason why enrolling at Selby Kinder is such a great choice for your child. 

Should you wish to contact us about any information provided in this letter, or to discuss your child’s needs/ enrolment in 2022, please call us on 9754 2744, or email

 Otherwise, we look forward to a year of learning, play, connection and growth with your child in 2022.

Thank you.